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Guidelines for the MyJem Online Community:

The following guidelines must be followed at all times while using the MyJem online community and its component services (collectively the "site" or the "services"), by accessing, using or otherwise participating in the site (collectively "using") you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.  Habitual breakage of the rules may result in written warnings, account suspensions, or a permanent ban if the rule violation is chronic enough.

  1. No Users Under Age 13 Please: While this site is intended for all fans of Jem, we cannot have users who are under the age of 13 due to a U.S. law and we just don't have the human (or hologram) resources to process the necessary paperwork to allow for it.  See our COPPA Compliance Page, and our Privacy Policy for more information.
  2. Cyberbullying / Discrimination Policy: Cyberbullying or discriminatory comments will not be tolerated for any reason in the MyJem Community.  Users observed violating this rule will be suspended and if necessary banned.  Further discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, religious beliefs or affiliation, or any other such protected class or attribute that makes a person unique will be investigated and if found to be accurate will lead to a permanent ban.
  3. Content Policy: please keep all content free of abusive, vulgar, threatening or otherwise offensive language.  In short: think before you post.  If you're worried about a little brother or sister seeing it or a parent disapproving of it if seen, it's probably not a good idea to post it.  This rule also applies to graphic descriptions of violence, blood and gore, and the like.  Note that portrayal of alternative sexual orientations or lifestyles is OK so long as you're not shooting for to make an erotic seen out of it.  When sharing news about Jem, please be sure to cite your sources such as providing a link to the original article on another website.  Please remember to stay on topic and post in the appropriate area.  Posts made in the wrong area may be moved or locked at our option.  and finally, no thread bumping or topic necromancy meaning if you've started a thread or recently replied to it, don't post again to bring it to the top of the active threads list and don't reply to a thread that's over 3 months old.  The only exception to the bumping rule is if adding new work in any of the "my Stuff" areas.  if you wish to add to a thread that's growing cobwebs feel free to start your own and give a link to the original thread.
  4. Please Stay On-Topic: To help keep things easier for everyone, please stay on-topic.  If you're not sure where to post something, please ask a moderator or admin.
  5. Double Posting Policy: Please avoid double posting.  If you need to add to, remove from, or otherwise make alterations to a post you've made; please select the edit icon (it looks like a pencil in the lower right on any of your posts).
  6. Site Language Policy: This is a global site and we welcome visitors from all around the world.  However, we please ask that all user submitted content be in English (as spoken, written, and understood in the United States).  This is not because our intent is to discriminate against speakers of such other languages, it's simply that our staff don't have the ability or resources to translate content in other languages to English and then fairly apply the rules to that content.
  7. Accounts Policy: One Account, per person, per lifetime.  Users found to have opened multiple accounts will have all accounts closed down.  If you have a special reason for needing multiple accounts, please submit a support ticket.  Should you wish to cancel your account, please submit a support ticket.
  8. Avatars Policy: the maximum dimensions for user avatars is 200 pixels tall by 150 pixels wide.  Please keep avatars appropriate for all ages and environments
  9. Signatures Policy: your signature may contain a maximum of one (1) link to any site you so choose so long as the site is appropriate, please keep images in signatures to a reasonable size (less than 150 tall by 100 wide).
  10. Advertizing / forum spam Policy: please do not advertise anything (including your own sites or services) to our members since this is not an ebay knock-off site.  We don't want your knock-off pharmaceuticals or home-made rap CDs here.  The exception to the advertising rule is that you may optionally place your website in the appropriate field in your profile and one link to anything you want in your signature.  Please also don't spam the forums with useless posts just to watch your post count go sky-high or watch your user rank change.  If you're seen doing this, all spam posts will be removed and post counts will be modified..
  11. Blogs and Image Gallery Policy: the rules that apply to the forums apply to the blog system and to the image gallery.
  12. Personal Message Policy:  The Personal Message (PM) system is a great way to connect with individual members out of the view of the public; however using the PM system to get around the forum rules is not allowed and will lead to revocation of PM permission or other sanctions if it's bad enough.  Users found to be abusing the PM system by spamming others will be banned.
  13. Moderation Policy:  We as the owners, operators, administrators, and moderators reserve the right and ability to edit, delete, modify, lock, or otherwise alter any user submitted content we feel warrants such action.  Please note that just because we have this ability, does not mean that we will use it in a timely manner or at all.  The discussion of staff actions in public or private are not allowed.  If you feel you were unjustly warned/banned, take it up with a staff member in PM or send a support ticket.
  14. No Mini-Modding:  Mini Modding (or forum copping) is the practice of a member who does not have administrator or moderator rights threatening sanctions to another member as if they were a member of staff.  If you're seen doing this, you will be warned.  If you feel a post truly violates the rules, please report it using the triangle icon under it so that a moderator can take care of it.
  15. Forbidden Topics:  The topics of religion and politics are strictly forbidden and cannot be discussed anywhere on the site since these two topics have been known to cause many a flame war and get people's feelings hurt.
  16. Staff Are Human Too:  While staff might seem like super heroes, they're not and are only human.  Staff have good days and bad days just like everyone else. 
  17. Respect Everyone including staff: regardless of any differences you might have with a person including a staff member, please respect everyone and if an issue becomes too tense to handle, please either agree to disagree or place each other on ignore.  If that fails to solve the problem, please contact staff.
  18. Reputation System Policy: The reputation system is to be used when it is warranted.  If you want to give kudos to another member for a job well done on a post, up-vote the post and give positive reputation.  If the post was truly garbage or does not contribute to the topic give a negative reputation.  Don't just hand out negative rep points for no good reason.  You're required to leave a comment when handing out a negative rep.
  19. Chat Box Policy:  All rules that apply to the forums or other interactive features, apply to the chat box.
  20. Modifications Policy: We can modify these rules at any time and encourage you to look at them every now and again to ensure you are following the most up-to-date version of the guidelines.
  21. Have A Good Time: After reading all of that, have a great time on the forums.


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