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Who/What is "Jem" Anyway?

Jem was a line of dolls produced in the mid-to-late 1980's by Hasbro and an animated series. For more information please see Rock Jem for more help with this.

What is JemSuite?

JemSuite is a set of two highly customized applications that make up the bulk of the functionality of this website. Find below the descriptions for each of the applications:
  • The first application, JemPortal is a highly customized and extensible forum, user blog, image gallery, chat, user directory, and social software based on WinxPortal (in internal version of a very big and expensive software platform for building community sites that requires tons of extensions to get even half of the features in JemPortal), JemPortal is the base software PLUS tons of extensions to get the look and functionality we all want along with being highly re-phrased and re-branded to fit the theme of this site. So JemPortal is seen as ONE PACKAGE that combines all of these things rather than one package plus add-on functionality.
  • JemConnect is our contact management and help desk software. it's what keeps us on track when responding to user inquiries and allows users to review their past contact with us and to use other self-service options for solving their own technical issues. This one is less obvious because all that was done to it was just modifying the phrasing and branding to fit the feel of this site. We will add more customized icons to it as we find time, but it's pretty stable for now.

What on Earth is JemPortal?

JemPortal is a highly-customized and extensible forum, chat, user blog, image gallery, and user database software that is based on a very big and expensive software package (we're not allowed to tell you which one).  You'll notice at the bottom of every JemPortal Page text that reads as follows:

"Social Fandom and Collaboration Software Powered By JemPortal® Version 10.0 (Revision J)
 Copyright © 2002-2017 JemPortal Dev. Team.
Proudly Hosted by SiriHosting

Styles and Certain Graphics Copyright (C) 2017-2018 Siri Meyers"

What on Earth is JemConnect?

JemConnect is a highly-customized ticketing, knowledge base, and user engagement software once again based on a very expensive piece of software (we're not allowed to tell you which one)

Can I Obtain a copy of JemSuite or the Individual JemPortal and/or JemConnect Applications for my own Site?

Nope!: These are our customized versions of the base packages and we guard them like anyone would guard something they've put tons of time and effort into.  If you can find the original software we used then all the tools you need to modify it are built right into the software itself and we cannot stop you from changing it to be a clone of our JemSuite applications.

OK, before we get nailed for False and Misleading Advertising, let's clarify for a second: most of the tools you need to customize the base packages are built right into the software itself. We did use third-party tools (like a standard desktop browser and Adobe PhotoShop CS3) to make the logos and added additional functionality to JemPortal by third-party extensions to the original applications.

Should you have any questions about the software other than "where can I get it?" or "Can I have a copy?" please register and send a forum PM to synergy91

What on Earth is WinxPortal and What Does it Have to do With JemPortal?

WinxPorotal is as JemPortal a highly customized version of another application. Carly (a.k.a. synergy91) has many web projects including things for her volunteer call center job. In the call center they use WinxPortal as their "Social Intranet Platform" (read the company's version of Facebook). Because Carly has put so much work into WinxPortal, her job let her "take it with her" so to speak to use on other sites and she has deployed it to a few customer sites and here on MyJem. The Original WinxPortal software is LESS CUSTOMIZED than JemPortal for stability reasons and so you are getting more advanced software on this site, BUT it's at the cost of possibly having more bugs and being harder to administer and maintain on the administrator and moderator side. Remember that having more features DOES NOT always equal being more stable. Plus, Carly and team are only human (maybe Carly's a hologram :P) and thus things are bound to break no matter who you talk to. Don't worry though, no orphanages were set on fire or destroyed during the production of this software nor do we plan to commit such acts.

Why is there a WinxPortal Social Intranet Platform Logo instead of a MyJem or JemPortal Logo?

Well, it's because Carly hasn't gotten around to creating one yet. Further, why not? Carly is proud of the WinxPortal Software this site is built on and so she is slowly working on a JemPortal logo but it's not at the top of her priority list. For reference purposes and the sake of completeness, this is the WinxPortal logo:

WinxPortal Social Intranet Platform Logo

Updated on 05/14/2018: There is now a JemPortal Social Intranet Platform Logo now here: For reference purposes and the sake of completeness, this is the JemPortal logo we hope you like it:

JemPortal Social Intranet Platform Logo

What is the Difference Between the "Activity Monitor" and the "Live Feed"?

Activity Monitor is a one-way update of events where as the Live Feed is a two-way version of that which allows for commenting on the activity that is going on.

What kind of Content am I Allowed to Post and/or Upload?

You Can Post, or Upload Images, stories of your own creation, and such. You can link to Videos such as clips and songs on sites like YouTube.

you MAY NOT upload, link to, or post full episodes or sites for streaming such full episodes unless they are from a site like NetFlix. The reason we do this is to support the creators of Jem and show that we want more Jem. If you populate All three seasons of Jem into one or more YouTupe playlists and want to share it with the community, you should think twice about the impact of such actions and how they could possibly impact the appearance of more Jem stuff in the future.

What are StarlightPanel and JemPanel?

These are protected areas of the JemPortal software for administration and moderation work. A Brief description of these tools is as follows:
  • StarlightPanel: is a feature-rich and robust panel for administering everything about the JemPortal instance from boards, to announcements, to users, and bans. StarlightPanel also allows the administrators to perform other protected tasks.
  • JemPanel: is a scaled down version of the StarlightPanel specially designed to moderators. It allows users designated by site management to perform such tasks as managing the moderation cues, setting and unsetting bans, setting and unsetting infractions and warnings, and a whole lot more.

  • maybe one day you'll be one of the few chosen individuals to be granted access to JemPanel and get to see all of the functions it contains.

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