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About MyJem & Copyright:

MyJem respects the intellectual property of others and will never knowingly host material that infringes on another person's or organization's copyright or other intellectual property rights.  Because this site is a fan site and contains content submitted by users outside of our reasonable control, we would appreciate your help in identifying works that are in violation of copyright. If you believe your work has been used on this site without your knowledge or approval please submit a claim to the DMCA Compliance department by using JemConnect.  When you submit a claim using JemConnect, please be sure to include the following so that we may expedite processing of your claim:

About Site Members & Copyrights:

Copyright is a core component of the intellectual property system and allows creators to keep creating and fans/consumers to keep enjoying as it enables creators to make a profit from their creative works (royalties) for each time the work is performed, displayed, or used as part of another work.  There do exist exceptions to the rules such as fair use that can make it possible to use the copyrighted work without opening yourself up to legal or other liabilities.  Note that the statements on this page do not constitute legal advice, but are simply our protocols.  You should seek the proper advice from a qualified attorney if you have any doubts.

When using works from another person or site or that were created by another company in your blog, forum posts, or other submissions to the site please remember to do the following:

  1. Give credit where it is due: if it's not your original work please take a moment to acknowledge the original creator
  2. If you pulled information or graphics from another site, please give the URL of the site where the original information came from
  3. If you include parts of another person's work in your work please make sure to include a note acknowledging that your work contains parts not created by you

How cool is it that just by registering a free account on our forums that you get your own blog and anything you post in your blog, on the forums, or in the image gallery is instantly copyrighted and others must give you credit when they use all or part of your work?  Well, remember this one thing: treat others' work the way you would like your own work to be treated.

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