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About MyJem:

MyJem was started in November of 2017 by Carly Grace Fleischmann, a woman with autism who is nonverbal and who enjoys doing things online after watching a lot of Jem online after her fiancee told her about the series.  Carly has other web projects that she works on in addition to MyJem including several Winx Club related sites.  We intend to provide a links section to all of Carly's other projects as we find time.

Is This Just Another Jem Fan Site?:

Yep!  Without a doubt this is just another Jem site on the net with a few added bonuses such as a user blog system, message forums and image gallery (more features coming soon I promise).  it looks like a reject from the late 1990's because we're using late 1990's era software to build the static pages of the site and modern PHP and database driven web applications for the rest of it.


Can I find Carly on JemPortal?:

Absolutely!  her username is synergy91

What on Earth is JemPortal?:

JemPortal is a highly-customized and extensible forum, chat, user blog, image gallery, and user database software that is based on a very big and expensive software package (we're not allowed to tell you which one).  You'll notice at the bottom of every JemPortal Page text that reads as follows:

"Social Fandom and Collaboration Software Powered By JemPortal Version 10.0 (Revision J)
 Copyright 2002-2017 JemPortal Dev. Team.
Proudly Hosted by SiriHosting

Styles and Certain Graphics Copyright (C) 2017-2018 Siri Meyers"

What on Earth is JemConnect?:

JemConnect is a highly-customized ticketing, knowledge base, and user engagement software once again based on a very expensive piece of software (we're not allowed to tell you which one)

Can I Obtain JemPortal and/or JemConnect for my own website?:

Why is the directory for JemPortal rather than something like

The answer is simple really, because that's how we wanted it, plus there's an internal joke amongst Carly and the rest of the web team about iAnything (like all of apples products are iPod, iMac, etc.) Carly and team like to joke about iBoards, iFriends, iCarlys, etc.  In the specific case of iBoards, the joke goes the i stands for "interact".

You mention that there is a team of people that work alongside Carly on MyJem, who are these people?

The team that helps Carly with the site are a group of her friends and colleagues from various places.  You might notice some of them come out of the woodwork on JemPortal, but we're not going to tell you which accounts are theirs.

Why are certain parts of the website not functional upon launch?

because those parts of the site have not been moved into place just yet.  We're working on them as fast as possible and you'll see those items light-up blue and become clickable once they come online.

OK, some parts of the site have come up and yet the functionality is still not there, why?

Because configuring these applications for production use is still a long task in addition to getting the rest of the site prepared so hold your horses, please.

Copyright 2017 MyJem, All Rights Reserved

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